Most of the forests used by Percussió decuencos are made of neighboring forests with an absolute respect for they.

Quality requirement

Pedro Manceras Hernández is the  Percussió decuencos master craftsman's. He works with his hands, his experience, his know-how and his great personal demand of quality. Each one of the instruments realizes them in the workshop having as main objective to satisfy the needs and preferences of the musician. The processing is not fast (nor does he want it to be), dedicates to each instrument the time necessary for its optimum finish.

Unlike the industrial instruments that you can find on the market, any stage of the manufacture of Pedro Manceras's instruments has been done carefully in his workshop, using only the best materials and woods. All the work is completely handmade, made entirely in its workshop unit to unit, respecting the traditional way, with woods of local production and without any type of varnish or dye harmful to the environment.

He offers: 

  • percussion snares

    solid wood assembled in twenty-four pieces, vertically crimped and glued, which improves their response and sound.

  • early music tabors

    double layer of laminated wood which guarantees an excellent resistance to the strain under tension. With an external plating of natural wood and finished only with oils and natural varnishes. 

The working model of Pedro Manceras works directly with each musician. The instrument will be constructed with the particularities that the owner has specified and, if the standard measures or woods are not desired, can adapt or develop any idea that the musician needs.